The 76th session of the World Health Assembly, which is being held in Geneva, will continue until the 30th of this month.

In a speech by the Syrian Arab Republic during the Assembly's working sessions, the Minister of Health, Dr. Hassan Al-Ghabbash, expressed his appreciation for the efforts made to promote health, hoping to reach the desired expectations and contribute to strengthening the health systems of our countries.

During his speech, Dr. Al-Ghabbash thanked the brotherly and friendly countries that stood by Syria in the tragedy of the devastating earthquake, which within moments turned thousands of people into victims, injured and displaced, so that the health system once again finds itself facing a difficult humanitarian situation, in addition to the effects of war and coercive measures, which compounded the size of the suffering.

Dr. Al-Ghabbash expressed Syria's appreciation for the assistance provided, which was helpful in responding to the repercussions of this earthquake, which proved that between the folds of the calamity and its ruins, there is always hope that humanity will triumph, expressing his gratitude to international organizations working in humanitarian affairs, especially the World Health Organization, for the support they provided during that difficult period.

During his speech, Dr. Al-Ghabbash thanked the national health and relief cadres for their dedicated work, and their heroism in dealing with the disaster despite the difficult circumstances and limited capabilities, to save what can be saved lives and provide all health services to alleviate the suffering of our people.

He stressed the importance of implementing the decisions of the World Health Assembly on the health situation in the occupied Palestinian territory, including Jerusalem, and in the occupied Syrian Golan, and adhering to the mandate given to the organization to provide health support to Palestinians and Syrians under occupation in a manner that respects the legal status.

In his speech, Dr. Al-Ghabbash pointed out that despite all the difficult circumstances that our countries are experiencing, sudden crises can break established patterns of behavior and turn them into cooperative behaviors, calling on all countries to stand by Syria to lift the inhumane coercive measures imposed on the Syrian people, support Syria in restoring the recovery of its health sector, and facilitate access to comprehensive health care services within the framework of achieving the sustainable development goals that are being worked to achieve.

Rama Rashidi

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