• "My Head and Me" is the 20-minute video program dedicated to young people who suffer or have suffered from mental disorders.
  • The goal of this weekly meeting: to better understand and destigmatize mental pathologies thanks to the testimonies of young people directly concerned by diseases such as schizophrenia, addiction, depression or OCD.
  • In this fourth episode of season 3, Gabriel returns to his former addiction to cocaine.

One day when 19-year-old Gabriel is feeling bad, he asks a friend for "a little pickup." The latter offers him a rail of cocaine. It will be the first of many. "At first, I had a feeling of power, well-being, the feeling that everything was going well in my life," recalls the young man. But very quickly, addiction sets in and anxiety and paranoia take over.

After a few years, Gabriel hangs out almost exclusively with people who consume. "I was completely disconnected from what I was doing." One evening "when it went too far", Gabriel has the click. He decides to stop. To take cocaine but also to drink alcohol. He deletes his dealer contacts, moves away from his former acquaintances and tries to understand what drove him to consume.


Gabriel hasn't touched a gram of coke in four years. "Today, I have projects, a life that I care about. All this prevents me from falling back into it. The fact that I also understood where these anxieties came from helps me to be much more aware of the situation. From now on, the thirty-year-old wishes to testify in order to help dependent people. He has just created a podcast on addictions.

If you want to contact Gabriel, it's here.

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