Russian Olympic Committee President Stanislav Pozdnyakov confirmed that the IOC is politicizing its attitudes towards Russian athletes and their return to international tournaments.

According to Russia Today, Pozdnyakov likened the acceptance of Russian athletes or not to international tournaments to puppet theater, where biased and politicized figures control the strings, noting that such inconsistent and circumstantial decisions of international sports organizations cancel the standards stipulated in the Olympic Charter.

The International Olympic Committee recommended on March 28 that Belarusian and Russian athletes who do not support the Russian special military operation in Ukraine be allowed to compete in a "neutral position", and the committee also recommended not allowing athletes associated with the armed forces or security services in their countries to participate in competitions, after which a number of federations allowed Russian and Belarusian athletes to return to competition.

At the end of February 2022, most sports organizations suspended the national teams of Russia and Belarus on the recommendation of the International Olympic Committee, and no decision has been made on the participation of representatives of these countries in the 2024 Olympics so far.

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