A motorist was arrested by the Vatican gendarmerie on Thursday evening around 20 p.m. The individual, whose identity has not been disclosed, had managed to force his way into the city-state located on the territory of Rome, Italy. He managed to get inside the site with his car before getting out of the vehicle on his own, the Holy See press service said.

Mental disorders

Alone in the vehicle, he was then subdued by the police. The latter entrusted it to health professionals. A medical examination revealed "a serious psychophysical alteration," said the same source. The unbalanced man was placed in a cell in the Vatican where he remains at the disposal of the judicial authorities.

The driver had appeared in front of one of the entrances to the city. Lacking the necessary permission to pass, he was turned back by the Swiss Guards. He later returned, speeding through two checkpoints. A gendarme had fired at the tires of the vehicle, which he had however failed to stop. An alert was immediately issued, resulting in the closure of several accesses to the site.

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