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Video in the rubble

Battles in Bakhmut with the eyes of the enemy video of the fierce fighting in the ruins

In the post on social media: "Militants of the Armed Forces of Ukraine run along the piece of the city left behind under fire", soldiers shoot among what remains of the eastern city



Footage of war on Russian social media, fighting in the rubble and dust in Bakhmut. "With the eyes of the enemy": video of the fierce battles between the ruins. In the social media post: "Militants of the Armed Forces of Ukraine run along the piece of the city left behind under fire."

Yevgeny Prigozhin, leader of the private military company Wagner, said its fighters advanced to Bakhmut amid fierce fighting with Ukrainian troops. "Wagner advanced 260 meters to Bakhmut," Prigozhin posted on Telegram. "The enemy now occupies 1.85 km of territory," he said, warning that the other side was offering "fierce resistance." "They fight in every house, every entrance, every square meter of territory, despite the enemy occupying only a small percentage of territory," he said.

Prigozhin added that it was not possible to surround the remaining Ukrainian positions due to the recent withdrawal of Russian paratroopers. "In fact, the Russian paratroopers, as a result of an enemy assault near Bakhmut, took a line favorable to the Ukrainians," the Wagner leader explained. Taking aim at Valery Gerasimov, the Russian Chief of Staff, Prigozhin then said that "Gerasimov's instant retreat in the face of the enemy today does not allow to close" the battle of Bakhmut. "But we are moving forward," he concluded.