The Syrian delegation, comprising 75 vanguards from the Vanguards of the Baath Organization, as well as 6 supervisors, left for the Republic of Belarus today to participate in the "Zubronok Health Recreation Camp".

The camp, which comes within the framework of the humanitarian initiative launched by Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko under the title "Heart to Heart", aims to help Syrian children who have suffered as a result of war and terrorism and who suffer the effects of economic sanctions and coercive measures, and to provide them with care, health care, recreational, educational and sports activities.

Minister of Social Affairs and Labor Louay Imad Al-Din Al-Munajjid stressed the importance of these camps and their positive effects on the cultural and cognitive development of Syrian children, in addition to their contribution to strengthening the strong friendly relations between Syria and Belarus, noting that an evaluation of the programs implemented during the last period was carried out in order to enhance their strengths and address the difficulties they face.

Al-Munajjid pointed out that the ministry seeks to provide all facilities to develop current programs and cooperate in carrying out additional programs that contribute to the development of children's experiences and skills in Syria, which will reflect on their personality in the future, noting the importance of working on developing criteria for selecting child supervisors and benefiting from the experiences of Belarusian expertise in it to develop previous experiences to host children from Belarus in Syria, which contributes to preparing a generation familiar with the culture of the two countries.

For his part, the Belarusian ambassador in Damascus, Yuri Sloka, stressed the depth of relations between the two countries and the opening of doors of bilateral cooperation in various directions, pointing to the importance of direct communication between the children of Syria and Belarus in creating a promising future and bringing the two countries closer together.

We understand the situation that Syria has been going through since the beginning of the war until now, and this gave us greater motivation to provide all possible assistance to Syria to overcome these circumstances.

The head of the Vanguards of the Baath Organization, Dr. Ezzat Arabi Katbi, pointed out that based on the invitation from the Belarusian government to a 15-day summer recreational camp, the students of the Vanguards of the Baath Organization were allocated to be responsible for childhood and extracurricular activities in Syria, indicating that the delegation includes the first three pioneers from each specialty at the level of Syria.

Nima Shadoud, Head of the Information and Culture Office at the Vanguards of the Baath Organization, explained that the camp program will consist of a variety of activities that our students will engage with their Belarusian peers, and they will share recreational experiences, sports and musical activities, painting and arts, in addition to tours and visits to tourist attractions in Belarus.

Rehab Ali and Mohannad Suleiman

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