What happened on the day the Titanic sank in the North Atlantic in April 1912?

The Titanic, also famous for its movies, has appeared in a way that has never been seen before.

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The Titanic sank for 3 years at 4,110 meters under the sea.

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Due to the large hull and the darkness of the sea, it has been difficult to explore and photograph, but this limitation has been solved with the new 3D technology.

A deep-sea cartographer and documentary production crew spent 200 hours scanning the body of the Titanic last summer.

The remote-controlled submersible took more than 70,3 photographs from all angles of the deep sea, creating an accurate <>D representation of the Titanic.

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From the bow of the ship split in half, to the ornate artefacts and statues that would have adorned the interior,

even experts who have studied the Titanic for a long time said they were amazed to see the whole thing they had never seen before.

He said the project was an important first step in studying the sinking accident based on evidence rather than speculation.

Viewers reacted by saying, "It's like seeing the real thing, the technology is amazing," "It's the tragedy of the century," and "I hope you can get one step closer to the truth of the accident."