03:00 17 May

An American veteran killed in Bakhmut

A former American "green beret" who was in Ukraine to train Ukrainians was killed in Bakhmut. Nick Maimer, 45, a veteran from Idaho, was in Europe teaching English when Russia invaded Ukraine. Since then he had decided to do something to help those who had been attacked. It was the Wagner paramilitary group that announced the death of the American on Monday. The family confirmed the news after an uncle of Maimer viewed the video shot by Russian paramilitaries. "Nick lived a lot and for others - said his uncle, Paul Maimer - he had gone to Ukraine for humanitarian reasons, trying to do good to the world". 3.30

02:30 17 May

USA: Moscow attacks from multiple directions to delay Ukrainian offensive

Russia is using more ammunition than usual in an attempt to overwhelm and confuse Ukrainian air defenses. This was reported by a US official to CNN. Moscow's forces, the source explains, launched more extensive airstrikes from multiple directions simultaneously targeting command centers in Kiev and other strategic locations. This, according to the American official, could be an attempt to force Ukraine to delay its long-awaited counteroffensive. According to Washington, however, the plan could turn into an advantage for Kiev's forces, as Russia is drawing on its already limited stockpile of high-precision ammunition.

01:40 17 May

Kiev claims Bakhmut's successes, but acknowledges Russian progress

Kiev said it had driven Russian forces away from Bakhmut's flanks, but admitted that Moscow's forces were pushing deeper inside the besieged city. The announcement came as European leaders meeting in Iceland agreed to create a "damage registry" to record war damage and destruction caused by Russia in Ukraine, President French Emmanuel Macron said. This would be a first step in prosecuting Russian leaders in the future. Deputy Defense Minister Ganna Malyar said that "Ukraine has recaptured about 20 square kilometers of a Russian pincer maneuver around Bakhmut," the epicenter of the fighting of the Russian invasion. "At the same time, the enemy is advancing to some extent inside Bakhmut and is completely destroying the city with artillery," he added on social media.

00:00 17 May

Anti-aircraft alert in many regions of Ukraine

Witnesses report two explosions in Mykolaiv. Oleksandr Sienkevych, mayor of Mykolaiv, said a fire broke out as a result of a missile attack. The fire is located on an infrastructure target, reports regional governor Vitaliy Kim. According to Kim, shrapnel injured a resident. Ukrainian media reports that both drones and missiles were involved in the attacks. A threat of attacks was reported in the Zaporizhzhia, Khmelnytsky and Donetsk regions.