A World War II bomb has caused disruptions to rail traffic in the north of Frankfurt and forced an evacuation of the area around the site. Of course, the defusing succeeded in the early evening successfully and without difficulty, as the police and fire brigade announced shortly before 19 p.m.

Daniel Meuren

Editor in the Rhein-Main-Zeitung.

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The World War II bomb was not far from the railway line on Frankfurter Berg, the police said on their Twitter channel. The Frankfurter Berg S-Bahn station was closed. Among other things, the S6 line runs there from Frankfurt to Bad Vilbel and Friedberg.

The area in the safety-relevant radius around the site was cleared by around 16 p.m. and then checked. Due to the danger to life and limb that exists in the event of a detonation, the bomb should be rendered harmless immediately, according to the explosive ordnance disposal service. An area within a radius of 500 meters around the site became a restricted area for the duration of the measures. Around 1800 people were affected.

Support centre and help

Rail traffic was suspended at the time of defusing the situation. The A661, the Homburger Landstraße and the Berkersheimer Weg are outside the restricted area and could be used without disruption.

The Johanniter Unfallhilfe had set up a care center for people who need shelter for the duration of the evacuation.