I hit him with a box and gave him a disturbing signal. A woman assaults a man in the street

The Abu Dhabi Family Court and Civil and Administrative Cases ordered a woman to pay a man 10,<> dirhams as compensation for the material and moral damages he suffered after she verbally and physically assaulted him.

In the details, a man filed a lawsuit against a woman in which he demanded that she pay him an amount of 200 thousand dirhams as compensation for the material and moral damage he suffered, and oblige her to fees and expenses, noting that the defendant assaulted him with insults and physical assault, and went to her vehicle and directed him inappropriate signals with her finger, and assaulted him by hitting his vehicle and punching him on the right side of the face under the eye, and she was criminally convicted and fined an amount of ten thousand dirhams, and that these acts caused damage He submitted a copy of a medical report, a copy of the police patrol's report of the defendant's assault on the plaintiff by insulting, cursing and beating, and a copy of the criminal judgment.

For its part, the court clarified in the reasons for its judgment that the error under which the defendant was convicted is the same error on the basis of which the plaintiff relied in filing the present lawsuit.

Regarding the plaintiff's request for 200,10 dirhams as compensation for the material and moral damages suffered by him, the court indicated that it is decided according to the Civil Transactions Law, "every damage to others obliges its actor to guarantee", pointing out that the defendant's mistake has caused the plaintiff material damage represented by beating him and assaulting his physical integrity, and he was hit by a feeling of sadness, sorrow, moral pain and psychological damage from the incidents of insulting his honor and assaulting him, which makes the request for compensation for material and moral damage has come on A basis of fact and law and worthy of acceptance, and the court ruled to oblige the defendant to pay the plaintiff an amount of <>,<> dirhams, and oblige her to pay fees and expenses.