A photo on «Snapchat» costs a young man 35 thousand dirhams

The Abu Dhabi Family Court and Civil and Administrative Cases ordered a young man to pay a girl 15,20 dirhams in compensation for violating her privacy, after he took a picture of her and posted it on Snapchat, and the criminal court convicted him of a fine of <>,<> dirhams.

In the details, a girl filed a lawsuit against a young man who demanded that he be obliged to pay her an amount of 50 thousand dirhams for the material and moral damages she suffered, noting that the defendant violated her privacy by photographing her and publishing the pictures via «Snapchat» and commenting on them and asked him to erase them and refused, and he was criminally convicted and punished with a fine of 20 thousand dirhams for the crime of violating the privacy of the victim using the means of information technology and preventing the accused from using the information network for a period of three months, and the plaintiff suffered damages Material and moral as a result of the defendant's act.

In its reasoning, the court stated that the judgment issued in criminal matters shall have authority in civil proceedings before civil courts whenever it has determined the occurrence of the act constituting the common basis between the criminal and civil lawsuits and the legal description of this act and its attribution to its perpetrator, noting that the error by which the defendant was convicted is the same error on which the plaintiff relied in filing the present lawsuit.

The court pointed out that the defendant's fault was proven according to what is fixed in the penal rulings, which is available with the fault that gives rise to responsibility against the plaintiff, and as a result, she suffered material damage represented by opening a criminal report at the Police and Transport Department and following up the criminal case until its end, fees, expenses, and moral damage represented by scratching her reputation as well as sadness and sorrow after that incident, and the court ruled to oblige the defendant to pay to the plaintiff 15 thousand dirhams as compensation for the material and moral damages suffered by her and oblige him to pay the fees. and expenses.