Missing for six years, a little girl now a teenager was found this Saturday in the United States. Kayla Unbehaun was kidnapped by her mother, who was not in charge of her, in July 2017 in Illinois, reports CNN. She had visitation rights but had not returned the child to her father after a camping holiday.

An arrest warrant for kidnapping was issued a few days later for the mother. But no trace of the girl had been found until then. On Saturday, the now 15-year-old was spotted by a customer at a store in Asheville, North Carolina.

A new beginning

The child had been the subject of a Netflix series, Unsolved Mysteries. One episode was devoted to the abduction of children by parents. It is thanks to this series that Kayla Unbehaun was recognized. The police were immediately alerted.

The mother was arrested. She was released Tuesday after a $250,000 bail was paid. She is due to be tried on 11 July. For her part, the girl found her father, safe and sound. "I want to thank all the followers on the 'Bring Kayla Home' Facebook page who helped keep her story alive and were instrumental in raising awareness," the man said. The father also asked that their privacy be respected so that they could "get to know each other again".

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