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Rep. Kim Nam-guk, who defected from the Democratic Party due to the
cryptocurrency controversy, has apologized. The Democratic Party said it would establish the principle of disciplinary action after a rigorous investigation through a resolution adopted by the General Assembly.

This is reporter Soh Hwan-wook.

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Independent Rep. Kim Nam-guk revealed that he is reflecting on the allegations of coin trading during the National Assembly Standing Committee, which is known as the SBS report.

Lawmaker Kim appeared on YouTube's "Kim Eo-joon's News Factory Humility Is Tough" today (15th) and said, "I made a mistake by leaving the time or time of the Standing Committee," adding, "I am undoubtedly reflecting and reflecting."

When asked how much he traded during the executive committee, he replied, "I know the amount is not large," and "It was so small that I can't remember exactly, but it was about a few thousand won."

Earlier, when SBS reported that Rep. Kim had engaged in cryptocurrency trading during a full meeting of the Judiciary Committee, Chairman Lee Jae-myung ordered the party's ethics investigation of Rep. Kim.

However, Kim has denied the other allegations.

Regarding the 'airdrop' and the allegations of using undisclosed information surrounding the coin transaction, he stated that it was not true, and he protested that he would vigorously fight the outrageous falsehoods.

In a resolution adopted at yesterday's congressional meeting, the MDP said it did not believe everything was over with the defection and would continue to investigate Rep. Kim.

[Park Kwang-on, Leader of the Democratic Party of Korea: We will conduct an investigation into the areas that require further investigation, and we will establish the principle of disciplinary action after a rigorous investigation.]

In addition, it decided to include virtual assets in its property declaration and conflict of interest details, and said it would pass a related bill within this month.

(Video Interview: Kim Hak-mo, Video Editing: Park Ki-duk)