She doesn't have her tongue in her pocket, don't have it either. Roselyne Bachelot is the guest of "Face aux Territoires", TV5 Monde's political show hosted by Cyril Viguier, Thursday at 9:30 a.m. Partner of the program, 20 Minutes allows you to ask a question to the former minister of the Raffarin, Fillon and Castex governments.

Speech by Emmanuel Macron, this Monday evening on TF1, health of the public hospital, Gérard Depardieu case, cinematographic withdrawal of Adèle Haenel or opening of the Cannes Film Festival... As a former Minister of Health and Culture and columnist on BFMTV and member of "Grosses Têtes" on RTL, Roselyne Bachelot has an opinion on many subjects.

To ask Roselyne Bachelot your question, simply fill out the form below. The editorial staff of 20 Minutes will retain a question from a reader and ask it to the former minister, Thursday, in "Face aux Territoires".

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