02:00 14 May

Kiev takes back a piece of bakhmut

Ukrainian forces have recaptured at least a kilometre of territory at Bakhmut following a Russian withdrawal reflecting Moscow's "severe shortage of credible combat units", the British Defence Ministry said at an intelligence briefing. The British Ministry of Defence said elements of a Russian brigade had withdrawn "in poor order" from their positions on the southern flank of the eastern Ukrainian city, the scene of the longest battle of the war.

00:30 14 May

Moscow bombs Ternopil, the Ukrainian Eurovision city

Russian missiles hit the city where Ukrainian Eurovision took place during the singing contest. Ternopil, the university town of electronic music duo Tvorchi, was one of the targeted locations. Local authorities said the attack hit warehouses owned by commercial enterprises and a religious organization, injuring two people.

00:00 14 May

Zelensky is in Berlin. New German aid to Kiev for 2.7 billion euros

Volodymyr Zelenskiy landed in Berlin, the second stage of his new tour of the European chancelleries, after the meeting with the Pope and the Italian government. The German government has announced another 2.7 billion euros in military aid to Ukraine, the largest aid package since the Russian invasion.