Sudan's capital under bombardment as talks continue between army and RSF

Parts of Sudan's capital came under artillery and air strikes on Sunday, with no signs that either warring military faction was willing to back down in a conflict that has killed hundreds despite ceasefire talks in Saudi Arabia.

Since fighting between the army and the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces began a month ago, the conflict has centred on Khartoum and the cities of Bahri and Omdurman, opposite it on the other side of the White and Blue Nile branches.

A Reuters reporter and witnesses said artillery shells landed on the city of Bahri and Omdurman was hit by air strikes early on Sunday. Al-Arabiya television reported heavy clashes in central Khartoum.

Salma Yassin, a teacher living in Omdurman, said, "Intensive airstrikes took place near us in a valid area that shook the doors of the house."

"We don't know how long this war will last ... The house has become unsafe and we don't have enough money to travel outside Khartoum. Why are we paying the price for the war of Burhan and Hemedti?"

The two sides agreed on Thursday on a declaration of principles to protect civilians and secure humanitarian access, but fighting has not abated despite discussions on Sunday that are due to address the monitoring and enforcement mechanisms for the declaration.

The fighting has killed hundreds, driven 200,700 people to neighbouring countries and displaced <>,<> inside Sudan, causing a humanitarian catastrophe and threatening to draw outside powers into conflict and destabilize the region.