▲ President Yoon Suk-yeol appears as a pivotal figure and holds a strike declaration ceremony

President Yoon Suk-yeol transformed into a referee and performed a "strike call" ceremony during the final game of the youth baseball tournament held in front of the presidential office in Yongsan today (14).

President Yoon visited the site of the "2023 National Youth Baseball Tournament Invited by the Office of the President" at the Yongsan Children's Garden Sports Field this morning wearing a jumper from the national baseball team.

President Yoon gave commemorative hats and bouquets of flowers to the captains and coaches of both the finalists, Daejeon Sinheung Chogyo and Seoul Dongdong Chogyo School, and gave encouragement by signing autographs on large baseball models.

Then, before the start of the game, he put on the umpire's gear and transformed into a referee and shouted strikes.

I even high-fived every single player.

In his encouraging remarks, President Yoon said, "I hope you will follow the rules of baseball and be considerate of the opposing team, and play a wonderful game with a good gentlemanship as a player."

He said, "When I see you guys running, I feel very proud of how good it was that I came out of the Blue House and came to Yongsan."

President Yoon, who is known as a "baseball fanatic," said, "I used to play baseball most of my life when I was younger," adding, "I used to sit on a chair in the classroom to tame my baseball glove and get guidance from my teacher while listening to class."

Afterwards, I moved to the stands East Sea watched the game with the youth players, parents, and children.

The event was an athletic event designed to commemorate the transformation of the USFK return site in front of the President's Office into a park.

Last year, a total of 12 teams, including the top three teams from the eight national leagues under the age of 8 and the best teams from the region, were invited to play in a tournament format from the last 3 days.

President Yoon also visited the National Youth Football Tournament held at the same venue.

Apart from the baseball tournament, more than 32 players have participated in the competition since the 1th of last month.

On that day, President Yoon participated in a soccer clinic hosted by former national soccer team member Kim Tae-young, where he showed off his passing coaching with young players and also had a trapping match.

In a press release, the President's Office said, "The government plans to continue to make active use of the Yongsan Children's Garden Sports Field to establish itself as a place for daily sports where many children can enjoy baseball and soccer and perform to their heart's content."

(Photo=Yonhap News)