LR now has its "shadow cabinet". Eric Ciotti unveils in the JDD an alternative "counter-government" to Emmanuel Macron to defend the ideas of the party and build a programmatic project.

"I hope that the programmatic work will be organized around the one who will have been in charge of the theme," explains the president of the Republicans. Two months after the tearing apart of the party in the National Assembly around the pension reform, this "counter-government" mixes all the tendencies of LR. But the leader of the rebels Aurélien Pradié, dismissed from his position of number 2, does not appear.

Nadine Morano at Immigration

Under the leadership of LR Secretary General Annie Genevard, this team of thirty "national secretaries" is also part of the effort to rebuild LR, both weakened by its electoral setbacks and become pivotal thanks to its 60 deputies who can provide support to the majority.

The sovereign pole includes the vice-president of the Ile-de-France region Frédéric Péchenard (Interior), MEP Nadine Morano (Immigration), and Senator François-Noël Buffet (Justice). In the economic pole we find the expert Christian Saint-Etienne (Economy and Reindustrialization), as well as the deputies Véronique Louwagie (Public Accounts), Valérie Bazin-Malgras (Enterprises) and Isabelle Périgault (Training). The young guard of LR is also represented with MPs Julien Dive (Agriculture), Antoine Vermorel-Marques (Environment) and Raphaël Schellenberger (Energy).

A tradition in Anglo-Saxon countries

In this quasi-parity counter-cabinet (15 women, 17 men), women's rights go to Paris councillor Nelly Garnier and Culture to the mayor of Taverny Florence Portelli. MP Philippe Juvin is in charge of Health and Senator Max Brisson of Education. Finally, questions relating to Foreign Affairs are followed by Michel Barnier as Special Adviser to the President.

The "shadow cabinet" is a highly institutionalized tradition in Anglo-Saxon countries, where each person responsible for a file is a potential future minister. In France, the appointment of such a cabinet by opposition parties is infrequent, but not unprecedented.

Then president of LR, Laurent Wauquiez had also set up a "shadow cabinet" in November 2018, where Eric Ciotti was in charge of the Interior. The president of the RPR (ancestor of LR) Michèle Alliot-Marie had also appointed in 2000 an alternative cabinet to the government of the plural left of Lionel Jospin.

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