In addition to being embroiled in a controversy over the sale and holding of large amounts of virtual assets, criticism is coming from inside and outside the party over the announcement of voluntary withdrawal from the party by Rep. Kim Nam-guk of the Democratic Party of Korea on 14 July.

First of all, the MDP is currently conducting an ethics investigation of Rep. Kim at the party level, and there is an opinion that Rep. Kim should be disciplined at the party level, rather than voluntarily resigning.

Rep. Lee Won-wook, a representative of the non-Lee Jae-myung family, wrote on his Facebook page yesterday (13th) that even if Rep. Kim announces his withdrawal from the party, he should not accept the defection from the party, and that the party should show his self-governing abilities by disciplining him.

An official from the Democratic Party's House leadership also told SBS in a phone call that it is difficult to break through the situation by voluntarily withdrawing from the party now.

At the MDP's congressional meeting to be held in the afternoon, various opinions are expected to emerge regarding the situation with Rep. Kim.

The People's Power criticized Rep. Kim's announcement of defection from the party through a commentary by its chief spokesman, saying that Rep. Kim's announcement of defection from the party was a tail-cutting defection, and that his decision to leave the MDP in response to the people's order to resign as a member of parliament was a mockery of the people.

Policy Committee Chairman Park Yong-yong wrote
on his Facebook page, "I can't get rid of the idea that this is a temporary escape without sincerity," while
Jang Ye-chan, a member of the Youth Supreme Committee, said, "If the party defects, it will be difficult to conduct a fact-finding investigation of the MDP, and it is not necessary to follow the recommendation to sell virtual assets."

(Reporter: Shim Young-young, / Video Editing: Park Chun-bae / Production: Digital News Editor)