The Democratic Party's congressional meeting, which was attended by more than 150 members of the Democratic Party to discuss the reform plan, ended at 10 p.m. today (14th) in just over six hours.

Shortly after the congress, the MDP issued a five-point resolution pledging that it would not evade party responsibility by defecting from individual members, that it would strictly enforce the code of ethics, that it would strengthen the ethics apparatus, that it would strengthen the transparency of lawmakers' assets, and that it would fundamentally transform the party.

However, as a result of the SBS interview, it was found that about 30 lawmakers continued to speak and poured out words that were not included in the resolution.

■ Demand for expulsion of Kim Nam-guk and complaint to ethics commission erupts According to a
number of MDP lawmakers, voices erupted
from the Speaker of the Parliament demanding that the party continue to investigate the defected lawmaker Kim Nam-guk, as well as take stronger measures such as expulsion and ethics commission complaint.

Rep. Bi Myeong-gye A argued that Article 18 of the MDP's Party Rules, which allows for expulsion from office for the purpose of evading disciplinary action, should be applied to Rep. Kim Nam-guk, and Rep. Chung Jin, who served as a representative of the MDP, is reported to have expressed the opinion that Article 18 of the party rules can be applied.

Although Rep. Kim Nam-guk has been sued by the National Assembly Ethics Commission by the power of the people, there was also an opinion that the MDP should also file a complaint against Rep. Kim to the Ethics Commission.

Lawmaker B, who is classified as a screamer, told SBS, "There was talk from several lawmakers that buying and selling coins during the time of the Standing Committee was not qualified as a member of the National Assembly, and that the ruling party should file an ethics complaint with the Ethics Commission and be punished."

■ The need for re-confidence and resignation of the leadership has also heated up, and there have been calls for the re-confidence of the leadership as well as the need

for the resignation of the chief executive.

Rep. C C, who is a non-Myeong-gye, is reported to have said that there is no solution unless the party changes drastically, and that Chairman Lee Jae-myung must make a decision and that now is a good time to resign for the sake of his re-election.

Councillor D, who attended the meeting, told SBS, "Even if they didn't use the word resignation, who would have listened to the MPs when they complained about the party situation and demanded renewal?"

■ Kim Nam-guk's "Like Society" refrains from speaking ... Minority lawmakers "Let's fight more against prosecutor Yoon Suk-yeol"

Lawmakers classified as pro-Lee Jae-myung have also suggested that prosecutor Yoon Suk-yeol should fight harder against the dictatorship, but the numbers were reportedly small.

Councillor E, who attended the meeting, told SBS, "The MPs who hold their seats in this representative system, and the MPs who claim to be pro-life, insisted that they should fight the regime more, but there were about four at most."

Lawmakers from the party's hard-line "Like Society," to which Rep. Kim Nam-guk belongs, also reportedly did not defend Rep. Kim separately and refrained from speaking out.

■ Opinion poll on the disparity between party and public sentiment..."Stop being the head
of the village of Jaemyung" proposal At the
congress, the results of a survey conducted by a polling company among party members and the general public were also announced.

The survey revealed that there was a wide gap between party members and the public on a number of issues, according to a plurality of lawmakers in attendance.

Representative D of the MDP said, "The majority of the people say that the party is doing a good job in handling pending issues such as the suspicion of money bags, but more than half of the party members said that they are doing well," adding, "About 40 percent of the party members say that they are not doing well, but the most critical situation is that there is a gap between public sentiment and party sentiment."

The results of the survey also suggested that Mr. Lee should break with the hard-line constituency more strongly.

According to multiple attendees, Rep. F, who was re-elected to the village, turned to Representative Lee and said, "Jaemyung, you should stop being the village leader."

■ Continuing the investigation of Kim Nam-guk and forming
a separate innovation committee The MDP, which gathered
opinions, decided to conduct an investigation into Rep. Kim Nam-guk and set up a separate innovation committee to come up with concrete measures for reform.

A close aide of Chairman Lee Jae-myung said, "I don't see it negatively as a demand for reform erupting," adding, "From the perspective of the leadership, we also need a cause and an opportunity for change."

Following the suspicion of the money bag at the convention, there was even the suspicion of Rep. Kim Nam-guk's coin investment.

The leadership of the opposition Democratic Party, which has been hit by a double whammy, faces the complex task of reconciling the outpouring of disagreements and coming up with a plan for renewal.

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