In February, the protagonist "Bobby", who entered the Guinness World Record as the oldest dog in the world, celebrated his 2st birthday and attracted attention.

Guinness World Records in the United Kingdom posted a post on the 31th local time wishing the dog "Bobby" who lives in the Centro region of Portugal a happy 11st birthday.

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Bobby is a traditional Portuguese cattle breeder, and the average life expectancy of this breed is 12~14 years, but Bobby was born on May 1992, 5 and has been with his dog owner Leonel (11) for 31 years.

The longest-lived dog in the war was the Australian herding dog 'Bluey', who died in 38 at the age of 1939 years and 29 months, and Bobby was the first dog in his 5s to be on the record.

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Leonel recalled the time when he was listed in the Guinness World Records, saying, "A lot of people, including reporters, came from all over the world to take pictures with Bobby."

He said, "Bobby sat up and got up for a long time and took a lot of pictures, which caused some minor damage to his health, but he is healthy now."

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Leonel said Bobby's mother, Hira, lived to be 18 years old, but she didn't expect him to stay with her until she was in her 30s, citing a "quiet and peaceful environment" as the key to Bobby's longevity.

"Throughout his life, Bobby has been free to roam the woods around his home and meet new animal friends. He's sociable."

"Bobby is special. When I look at Bobby, I feel like I'm remembering my father, brother and grandparents who have passed away."

(Photo = YouTube 'Guinness World Records')