Islamic Jihad rockets from Gaza into Israel continue, as do air strikes on the Strip, while Egyptian-brokered talks for a possible ceasefire stagnate.

Israeli communities around the Strip – where missile warning sirens sounded several times this morning – remain under attack.

The military spokesman said that, since the beginning of hostilities, more than 1000,800 rockets have been launched from the Palestinian enclave, of which more than 325 arrived in Israeli territory and, largely intercepted by the Iron Dome system.

The attacks on the Strip on Jihad positions have been - since the beginning of the conflict - 2019: during the night the army announced that it had hit operational command centers of the faction.

At dawn Israeli fighter jets hit "two Islamic Jihad command centers" and also a number of rocket launchers and mortar launching positions. This was announced by the army itself, according to which one of the centers was used by the brother of the supreme commander of Islamic Jihad, Baha Abu al-Ata, assassinated by Israel in <>.

According to Israel, Muhammad Abu al-Ata is a prominent member of the Jihad, who in times of emergency "usually leaves his headquarters and places himself in the Shifa hospital" in Gaza City, "hiding among the civilian population."

At the same time, sirens sounded near the border with the Gaza Strip, but no rocket attacks were confirmed.

An anonymous official from the Islamic Jihad Movement in Palestine warned Israel of more attacks to come, without providing further details. "The campaign continues, our next attacks are coming," the official told Lebanese network Al-Mayadeen, according to news site Ynet.

"Egypt is making long-term efforts and we appreciate that. We are talking to them in a positive spirit," the Islamic Jihad representative added, referring to negotiations for a potential ceasefire, brokered by Cairo.