Democratic Party lawmaker Kim Nam-guk, who has refrained from providing an explanation for some time, has expressed his dismay over allegations that the gaming industry lobbied him for legislation. However, he remained silent on allegations that he made a deal during a meeting of the Presidium. The People's Power demanded his resignation.

Reporter Baiyun reports.

Representative Kim Nam-kook of the Millennium Democratic Party, who did not respond to any of the
various allegations due to the party's own fact-finding investigation, expressed his position on the so-called "airdrop," which is paid free of charge to existing virtual currency holders.

Yesterday (12th), the party's fact-finding team reported Congressman Kim's airdrop record to the leadership, and even the allegations of legislative lobbying in the game industry protested that it was absurd.

Congressman Kim explained, "Airdrop is through a virtual currency deposit service," and "it comes out transparently when you look at the transaction history."

However, Congressman Kim did not reveal his position on the "alleged transaction during the meeting of the Presidium," which is under urgent ethics inspection.

An official of the fact-finding team expressed dissatisfaction, saying, "Congressman Kim only talked about 'airdrops,' which are far from the essence."

He said that the results of the interim investigation into the initial investment in cryptocurrencies, which are at the heart of the allegations, will be reported tomorrow at the Renewal Congress.

The fact-finding team has not scheduled a meeting for today, but the ethics ombudsman, which is investigating allegations of trading during the standing committee, is speeding up its investigation.

A key MDP official said, "The leadership is taking the matter seriously," adding, "If violations of party constitutional regulations are identified, even in the middle stages of the inspection, we can take action accordingly."

Representative Kim Ki-hyun of the People's Power stepped up his offensive, saying, "Congressman Kim Nam-guk, who deceived the youth with 'poor cosplay,' should be removed from his position as a lawmaker."

At the MDP Renewal Congress, which is expected to be held late tomorrow night, the issue is likely to be whether the party leadership handled the allegations appropriately along with the allegations related to Congressman Kim.

(Video Interview: Cho Chun-dong, Video Editing: Lee Sung-Sung, CG: Seo Seung-hyun and Im Chan-hyuk)