Now they are clustering again, the communions and confirmations that the churches like to pack between Easter and Pentecost. Of course, the children do not long for the descent of the Holy Spirit, but for the gifts. Protestant offspring in particular, as they are a little older, are showered with valuable gifts.

Frankincense and myrrh are not given by anyone, but gold is plentiful, in the form of expensive purchases. In the past, admission to the community was celebrated with the first stereo system, but today there is something comparable. Fortunately, it is still too early for the first car.

Here and there, parents and relatives bashfully sprinkle in ideas that can be vaguely associated with the holiday. Then there is religious training literature, which should actually be done with the confirmation class. The "Themenbestsellerliste Weltanschauung" of the "Buchreport", which he regularly publishes according to data from Media Control, provides information about the current hits.

Andrea Karimé's "All Children's Bible" is a new entrant in fourth place, while "And God chilled" presents the good news in tweets in sixth place. Whether ingratiating simplification increases the receptivity of young Christian souls is as doubtful today as ever. The anthology "Man sehen nur mit dem Herz gut", new in eighth place, will not save much.

When in doubt, an adult Bible is more sustainable because it can be used for decades. The tweets are already provided by the young confirmand, who evaluates the gifts on social media. But that's where Christian charity is at home, as we all know.