South Korean and Japanese officials met for 12 hours over the details of the dispatch of the Fukushima inspection team. What started yesterday (12th) afternoon continued past midnight, but we still couldn't finish it. This is because Japan has not decided on our final position on our side's request for a detailed inspection. What we will be able to see in Fukushima, how much, and to what extent will be decided only after one more meeting.

First news, this is reporter Jeon Byung-nam.


The Fukushima contaminated water site inspection team held a 2-hour consultation until 12 a.m. today.

The core of the discussion was our demand for inspections of the multinuclide species removal facility, i.e. the process before and after the treatment of the Alps.

In the meantime, the Japanese government has explained that the Alps treatment can reduce the concentration of radioactive substances, except tritium, below the threshold, and dilute the tritium in seawater to meet international standards.

Our demand was to see if Japan had the same level of technology and to inspect in detail the Alpine facilities and discharge facilities, including submarine tunnels.

A government official said, "Among the inspection points listed, there were many facilities that Japan did not think about."

In the end, the Japanese side could not decide on a final position, saying that "more internal discussions are needed."

[Eunmi Choi/Research Fellow, Asan Institute for Policy Studies: The extent to which we unilaterally give the data and we look at it and confirm it, I would have thought it was a literal explanation, but it can be difficult (acceptance).]

Further consultations are expected as early as next week.

First, the two sides agreed to conduct a delegation's visit to Japan for four days and three nights, including the 23rd and 24th.

The size of the inspection team is expected to be around 3 people.

However, due to Japan's opposition, it seems difficult at present to include civilian experts and civic groups in the inspection team.

(Video Editing : Won Hyung-hee)

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