Its dimensions are impressive to say the least since it rises to 209 meters high at the tip of the blade and has a rotor of 167 meters in diameter. In the bay of Saint-Brieuc (Côtes-d'Armor), the first of 62 wind turbines of the future offshore park has just been installed Thursday by Ailes Marines, a subsidiary of the Spanish giant Iberdrola which won the tender in 2012. "This installation means that we are entering the final stretch of the project, which will lead to a renewable and carbon-free energy production for Bretons," said Emmanuel Rollin, CEO of Iberdrola France.

[#news🗞️] The first wind turbine in Brittany was installed by Ailes Marines, a subsidiary of Iberdrola. 🌊

This news announces the launch of the installation phase of the 62 wind turbines that will make up the future wind farm#OneIberdrola #eolienenmer #offshore ♻️⚡

— Iberdrola France (@iberdrolafr) May 12, 2023

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Very complex, the operation was carried out in several stages from a jack-up vessel. "At sea, the mast of the wind turbine with a height of 90 meters is first raised from the barge and then lowered by crane on the transition piece of the "jacket" foundation, before being fixed there, details Ailes Marines. In a second step, the nacelle is lifted and installed on the mast. Finally, the three blades are fixed on the rotor of the nacelle. »

Commissioning scheduled for December

Manufactured at the port of Le Havre on the site of Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy, the other 61 wind turbines that will make up the park will be gradually installed in the coming months.

With an installed capacity of 496 megawatts, the Saint-Brieuc offshore wind farm is due to come fully into service in December. By that date, it will be able to produce the equivalent of the annual electricity consumption of 835,000 inhabitants.

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