"Due to the current security situation in Pakistan and the ongoing prison riots in Islamabad, Father Shabbar Abbas is not yet connected. The Pakistani authorities let us know." This is how the president of the Assize Court of Reggio Emilia Cristina Beretti opened the hearing of the ongoing trial for the death of 18-year-old Pakistani Saman Abbas in the countryside of Novellara, in the Bassa reggiana. Five of his family members (father, mother still at large, uncle and two cousins) are accused.

The report of the pathologist Cristina Cattaneo, expert of the court, then began before the judges, who also through the projection of slides told what has emerged so far from the analysis on the corpse. The expert report established that "what killed Saman was a considerable force applied to the neck. For the site where the hyoid bone broke, statistically it is considered more likely that death occurred by strangulation, or by strong pressure of the hands. But it is not possible to establish one hundred percent the exact mode." For sure, however, according to the experts, Saman died from the strong pressure on her neck. The hearing continues with other testimonies.

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