Bad times for Dylan Thiry. An investigation has been opened into the management of a humanitarian association whose influencer who became known in reality TV shows, is the president, said Thursday the Paris prosecutor's office, requested by AFP. These investigations, entrusted this week to the Brigade for the repression of clever delinquency (BRDA), follow a complaint for aggravated breach of trust.

It was filed in January by the vice-president and treasurer of this association named "For our children", which presents itself as a "media" with "the aim of informing and alarming on the critical situations of children around the world", followed by more than 199,000 followers on Instagram.

Several hundred thousand euros

The latter accuses Dylan Thiry, 28, of having embezzled several hundred thousand euros in humanitarian donations for his personal benefit. His complaint, which AFP has seen, cites in particular two online fundraisers to raise funds. In February 2022, a prize pool for Madagascar closes at more than 158,000 euros. In October 2022, another raises more than 95,600 euros.

According to the complainant, Dylan Thiry had pushed for the financial transactions to be carried out with his personal bank details and had not provided evidence of expenditure. The vice-president, Sandra D., "acted as a real whistleblower in a sector of gangrenous influence" and is now suffering "intimidation", accused by Dylan Thiry of having betrayed him, said his lawyer Tom Michel in a statement.

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