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It is a high school located in Austin, Texas, United States.

But something seems cluttered.

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Because a group of raccoons suddenly appeared in class.

The raccoons broke into the school through the hallways and smashed the ceiling, startling the students.

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It is said that the teacher and the school caretaker worked together to capture the raccoons.

This isn't the first time the school has faced a raccoon attack.

Similar incidents have reportedly occurred several times since the 1990s, and in March, a dead raccoon carcass was found inside a wall.

The education authority issued a statement saying it was "working to address the raccoon problem in a humane and effective manner" and that "pest control departments and wildlife experts have begun their work."

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Visitors responded, "I think we should change the school mascot to a raccoon," "It's a wild animal, but I have to send a diploma so I can't cut it again."

(Image source: Instagram macjournalism)