• A paramedic is a hit on TikTok for singing a song from The Lion King to a child to reassure her.
  • Myke Ayden has loved singing for a long time. "I went through the conservatory, I did a lot of castings like for Eurovision, Star Academy etc. Often it stopped in the semi-finals! I write, I compose, I play, I sing, I love it! »
  • What if this video, viewed more than two million times, launched his career?

Thousands of shares, comments, covers and more than two million views... Since April 30, a video has been moving TikTok. We see a paramedic interpret "The meaning of life", one of the flagship titles of the cartoon "The Lion King", to a child lying on a stretcher. Without a false note!

No wonder, the person concerned is none other than Myke Ayden, a Strasbourg passionate about music. "I've been an artist for a very long time," laughs the 37-year-old. "I went through the conservatory, I did a lot of castings like for Eurovision, Star Academy etc. Often it stopped in the semi-finals! I write, I compose, I play, I sing, I love it! »


We took care of a little girl who is a Disney fan! So it was logical for me to offer him the music of The Lion King, it's the story of life, tears turned into smiles, what could be better than to see the smile on your lips even in the most difficult moments and to make a little forgotten the disease in my own way in music❤️🎵 chichildrendkidssdisneyiroilionfenfantbambulancemsamurstrasbourgsalsace🥨smusiqueachantflafranceaunincroyabletalentbambulanciersjussieusecoursbpublicc#micro

♬ Original sound - Mike Ayden

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Recently, he even combined this passion with his new position at Jussieu Secours. "I started while we were carrying an elderly lady who had touched me," he recalls. She was sad and "La vie en rose", by Édith Piaf, was on the radio. I started humming and she told me to keep going because it was good. I then saw her close her eyes... I told myself that this was what we had to do to reassure anxious people! »

The scene has since recurred times. So like with this little girl of 4 years at the end of April. "We were at a standstill and she was crying. I saw a Disney character on her clothes so I asked her if she liked this universe," the artist continues. "Then I asked her if she wanted me to sing and she said no! But I started and she looked at me with big eyes and stopped crying. It's really a remedy music! »

"I was approached"

Myke Ayden had once again received help from his faithful work teammate, Dylan. It was he who launched the soundtrack of the famous hit of The Lion King and then filmed the scene. "He is behind the TikTok account launched less than a month ago. I didn't know anything about it and he told me to sign up. I agreed but since then he manages! ", laughs the singer, who did not expect such an impact. Media but not only.

Could this famous video finally launch his career? The thirty-year-old obviously dreams of it, he who has already ensured the first part of the concert of the "Top music Live", last September in Colmar. "I have been approached," he announces without wanting to say too much. "For now, it's secret." Like the next publications of the paramedic duo. "We have projects, not necessarily with patients."

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