Foreign Wars and conflicts

On the Donetsk front

Avdiivka's howitzers, the dialectic of artillery

Ukrainian howitzers bombard Russian positions near Avdiivka, near Donetsk, then mortar shells arrive from the Russian trenches. It is a war of position, a blow responds blow, a fierce and surreal dialogue


Trench warfare on the Donetsk front is also a continuous exchange of artillery fire.

The two sides have entrenched: the movements of the front are minimal: waiting for a repeatedly announced Ukrainian counteroffensive, the situation is reminiscent of that of the First World War.

In the Reuters video, a battery of self-propelled howitzers hammers Russian positions near Avdiivka. Three, four rounds, then the mortar shells of the opposing forces arrive in response.

The "Dana" howitzers were delivered to Ukrainian forces from the Czech Republic in 2022, explains the battalion commander.
He added: "We are ready for a counteroffensive, but give us more ammunition."