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[President Yoon Seok-yeol (address to the National Assembly, May 5 last year): Churchill and Attlee's willingness to join hands to overcome a common crisis is needed more than ever.]

A narrow victory by a margin of 16.0 percentage points.

In addition, in the situation of the ruling opposition versus the National Assembly, where the opposition party has a majority, communication and cooperation were essential.

However, the conflict has escalated amid the confrontation between the great powers, and so far it has failed to bring about dialogue and compromise.

As a result, 73% of government-initiated bills have passed the National Assembly in the past year, far below the 1.25% of the previous government.

The three major reforms that require reform of the law—labor, education, and pensions—are sluggish.

Despite a series of personnel failures, he was stingy in apologizing and stopped his main pledge, the Question and Answer on the Way to Work, six months after it was implemented.

Since the press conference on the 79th day of his inauguration in August last year, there has been no official press conference.

[Taegon Yoon/Director of Political Analysis at the Agenda and Strategy Group: I think there will need to be a big change in how the audience will listen, how the message is delivered, and the tone and manners.]

Due to poor policy coordination, the policies of early enrollment for 5-year-olds and flexible working hours have been criticized by public opinion and have been stranded or lost momentum.

[Chung Chung-hwa/Former Speaker of the National Assembly: I think it's a bit disappointing that we lacked the kind of political skills to embrace the opposition, lead politics with the opposition, and break through.]

The president's office said he was working hard to keep his initial focus on President Yun's approval rating, which hovers in the 3 percent range.

Communication and cooperation were also commitments in the early days of President Yun's election.

(Video Interview: Joo Bum and Yang Ji-hoon, Video Editing: Lee Seung-yeol)

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