Foreign Wars and conflicts

Video of Moscow's weapon destroying Ukrainian positions at the front

"Portable" guns, the Russian tactic of anti-tank missile systems: mounted in record time

In the post on Russian social media the work of the "ATGM "Kornet" in the NWO zone (special operation, editor's note): the shot of the cannon then dismantled and transported elsewhere at great speed



In the videos, Russian soldiers get off a truck in an unspecified war zone, carrying components for a large portable cannon that is mounted in record time at the front: it is - so in the post, spread on social media in Moscow - a "tactic for anti-tank missile systems, to destroy Ukrainian positions".

In Russian propaganda videos the alleged modernity and effectiveness of Putin's arsenal, a contrast at times strident with what appeared in the victory day parade, May 9: with the only tank that paraded on Red Square, the "legendary" Soviet T34 - a museum piece - which made a decisive contribution to the defeat of Hitler's divisions, but 78 years ago.