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Video of the squeeze in the capital

The imposing security measures in Moscow for the Victory Parade: soldiers and armored vehicles

Tense and concentrated faces, Russian police and law enforcement officers guard every access. Security concerns caused in part by drone strikes on Russian territory: authorities canceled traditional overflight



Video of the tightening for security in the capital for the Victory Day parade.

Victory Day is one of the most important public holidays in Russia, when people commemorate the enormous sacrifices made by the Soviet Union during what is called the Great Patriotic War of 1941-45, in which about 27 million citizens died.
Putin has repeatedly compared what he called his "special military operation" in Ukraine — which he calls a battle against "Nazi-inspired" nationalists — to the challenge the Soviet Union faced when Hitler invaded in 1941.
Kiev says this is absurd and accuses Russia of behaving like Nazi Germany by waging a war of unprovoked aggression and conquering Ukrainian territory.
Putin, his defense minister and other senior officials are expected to be present at the Red Square parade, which usually includes tanks, intercontinental missile launchers, and marching troops.

However, reflecting increased security concerns caused in part by drone strikes on Russian territory over the past week, authorities canceled the traditional overflight.
There have also been reports of fewer soldiers and less military equipment joining this year's parade as the Ukrainian conflict takes a heavy toll on men and equipment.