officially characterized Putin's invasion of Ukraine as a "war." It is interpreted that the remarks were made with additional mobilization orders in mind.

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Uniformed Russian troops march through
Moscow's Red Square.

It is a Russian Victory Day celebration that commemorates the day the former Soviet Union surrendered to the Nazi regime in Germany in World War II.

Putin lashed out at the West, accusing it of stoking hatred and Russophobia.

In particular, it officially defined the invasion of Ukraine, which has been referred to as a "special military operation," as a "war."

[Putin/Russian President: Today civilization is at an important turning point, once again a real war is going on against our country.]

With Russia experiencing shortages of supplies and troops on the battlefield, analysis suggests that it may be a paving ground for issuing further mobilization orders.

Russia launched 2 cruise missiles toward the capital, Kyiv, following a massive suicide-destruct drone strike across Ukraine on Victory Day.

In response, Ukrainian President Zelensky emphasized that "all the old evils that Russia is reviving will be defeated, just as the Nazis did in the past."

[Zelensky/President of Ukraine: (As in World War II) We are not alone against evil. We are fighting together with the entire free world.]

In particular, he met with European Commission President von der Laien, who visited Kyiv on an overnight train to coincide with Victory Day in Russia, demonstrating his solidarity with the EU.

"Ukraine is part of the European family," Von der Leyen said, adding that he would discuss EU accession with President Zelensky.

(Video Interview: Si Si Kim, Video Editing: Jung Yong-hwa)