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Tapachula, Chiapas

In the USA, the block on migrants expires due to the Covid emergency: long queues to cross Mexico

On May 11, Biden will revoke "Title 42", a strict protocol implemented by Trump that allows asylum seekers to be rejected due to the pandemic.


Hundreds of migrants crowd in front of immigration offices in the city of Tapachula, Chiapas, waiting to obtain a permit to cross Mexico and reach the United States.

On May 11, the administration of US President Joe Biden will revoke Title 42, the strict protocol implemented by Donald Trump to deny entry to migrants, including asylum seekers, as a measure to combat the Covid pandemic. The impending deadline has raised fears of a wave of illegal entries along the southern border of the United States.

"We have to get there as quickly as possible," says one Venezuelan migrant. US President Joe Biden has already sent 1,500 troops to the southern border to address the same concerns.