• "My Head and Me" is the 20-minute video program dedicated to young people who suffer or have suffered from mental disorders.
  • The goal of this weekly meeting: to better understand and destigmatize mental pathologies thanks to the testimonies of young people directly concerned by diseases such as schizophrenia, addiction, depression or OCD.
  • In this second episode of season 3, Kim, 24, talks about depression, a disease she has struggled with for many years.

"I made my first suicide attempt when I was 14." These are the words of Kim, 24, who agreed to speak on camera for My Head and Me, the 20-minute series on youth mental health. The young woman was harassed during her schooling. "People were going out with me for a pawn, because we don't go out with the fat one from college." The teenager then enters a vicious circle. "I was unhappy about gaining weight, but because I was unhappy, I ate and so I gained weight back."

At 15, the girl weighs 150 kg and sinks into a deep depression. "You're in a black hole. You don't want anything. Even the things that make you happiest in life become an ordeal. Kim made several suicide attempts. In all, she spent nearly two years hospitalized.


It is by seeing her friends pass the bac that Kim has a click. Of her own free will, for the first time, she decided to go back to hospital, attended all the discussion groups and saw a psychiatrist daily. "It lasted three months and when I got out, I was transformed." Today, the young woman speaks openly about her mental health on her social networks. "I have bad moments, but I can take them with more ease."

Kim's video testimony is to be found at the top of this article.

If you are experiencing suicidal thoughts or are close to someone who does, you can call the national Suffering and Suicide Prevention number at 31 14 (professional and confidential listening 24/24).

If you are between 12 and 25 years old and need a listening, you can call Fil Santé Jeunes on 0800 235 236 (free listening 7 days a week from 7am to midnight) or talk on the Youth Health Thread chat (from 8am to 9pm).

If you feel bad and need to talk, do not hesitate to call 09 72 39 40 50 the SOS Amitié association (available 24/24).

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