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Video released by Russian social media

Ukrainian soldiers flee by throwing themselves from windows: Wagner soldiers break in and shoot Bakhmut

In the post: "Powerful footage: AFU militants flee the house, after the arrival of PMC Wagner fighters"



A video released by the Wagner military allegedly shows the disjointed escape of a group of Ukrainian soldiers, who literally jump from a rubble building in Bakhmut.
In the post: "Powerful footage: AFU militants flee the house, after the arrival of PMC Wagner fighters"

The state of the war on the ground in the city under attack for months
First rants, insults, announces the withdrawal and change with the Chechens of Kadyrov, "the operation 'Meat grinder Bakhmut' of the Wagner group has been completed". Then comes the promise of the long-awaited ammunition. And so Putin's cook Yevgeny Prigozhin seems ready to retrace his steps, after days of rout with the Russian Ministry of Defense so much so that he threatens to take his mercenaries away from the clash in the city symbol of the fiercest war in Ukraine.
Now, however, there is Moscow's word about the arrival of "ammunition and weapons as many as we need to continue further actions".
Everything seems resolved - at least for now - between the invaders on the eastern front, while Ukrainian attacks continue in Crimea and on Russian territory in the aftermath of the attempted assassination of the Russian nationalist writer Zakhar Prilepin. Meanwhile, tension is high again on the Black Sea after a Polish plane on a mission for Frontex was intercepted by a Russian fighter, risking a collision. A story that has pushed the EU agency to suspend patrol flights over the basin, until the safety of operations is ensured.
That the matter of the clash between Prigozhin and Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu could prove far from clear, the Ukrainians have been repeating for days, while reporting that "in Bakhmut, the Russians have increased the intensity of the bombing and still hope to capture the city by May 9", the Victory Day now at the door that Moscow would be happy to celebrate with a victory on the field.