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The impressive video after the night attack on the capital

Furniture poised on the abyss: the gash caused by the explosion of the Russian drone in Kiev

In the film, a ghostly landscape: images from inside a building of the Ukrainian city bombed by Moscow drones, along with Odessa and other cities



Kiev apartment hit by one of the 8 Russian drones that exploded over the capital in the night: the Russian attack, foiled by anti-aircraft. In the video, impressive, the furniture poised on the abyss: the gash caused by the explosion.

In the past 24 hours, Russian forces have bombed 10 regions of Ukraine, hitting 127 settlements and 139 infrastructure. At least 3 people are dead and 28 others injured, according to data released by the Kiev Ministry of Defense reported by the website of Ukrainska Pravda. In the Kiev region, the raids lasted about 4 hours: "The air defense has official and no shots were hit," the bulletin says. Around and in the Ukrainian capital there are brush fires, immediately extinguished, caused by the debris of downed drones, and the damage to several cars, without victims.