A dangerous moment was captured as a stroller rolled towards a road where cars were speeding by.

Recently, foreign media such as CNN, ABC, and FOX News published CCTV footage taken near a car wash in California, USA.

Footage released showed a woman missing a stroller with a small child while carrying luggage in her car.

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The woman who falls tries to chase the stroller, but she cannot easily contain herself.

Just before the stroller, which was rolling fast in high winds, pulled into the driveway, a man rushed up and grabbed the stroller and pulled it over.

The man turned out to be Ronald Nesman, who had once been homeless and had come to interview nearby for a fresh start.

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"The wind was blowing hard, and the stroller was almost rolling down the driveway," Nesman said. I instinctively ran towards the stroller," he said, recounting the tense moment.

Grabbing the stroller and stopping it, he comforted his fallen guardian.

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Nesman said, "I hugged my guardian because he was crying to see if he was in shock."

On how many people call him a "hero," he said, "I can only hope that my actions will create a better future. I'm just grateful that I was there at the right moment."

(Photo='ABC7' YouTube)