"Sharjah Social" provides "Sanad" card to its beneficiaries of social assistance

The Department of Social Services in Sharjah provided "Sanad" bank cards to beneficiaries of social assistance, to obtain discounts in purchase prices, as they were delivered to cases registered with it in the Department of Social Assistance, where "Sanad" is distributed to all categories benefiting from the department's services.

The card offers discounts and benefits on its services and products for the benefit of its holders from all 15 categories benefiting from social security, which fall under 5 groups, namely "financial disability support", "health care support", "women's support" and "child care support", and the last group is support for people with special social conditions.

Hessa Al Hammadi, Director of the Community Cohesion Department, said that the role of the Social Responsibility Section is to conclude agreements with institutions and commercial companies under which Sanad card holders can obtain discounts and discounts for their various purchases, and we in the Community Cohesion Department have been seeking since we launched "Sanad" in 2017 to help members in the department purchase and provide the needs and purposes they need, and improve their standard of living, especially as we are in the holy month of Ramadan.

Hessa Al Hammadi added: "We are always keen to increase the number of entities contributing to us based on the signing of agreements between the Department of Social Services with its various partners from government agencies and private institutions, to give the beneficiaries of its services a variety of options, benefits and discounts on the services, products and facilities provided.

"Sanad" is a bank card issued in cooperation with Sharjah Islamic Bank, which enables the members of the Department of Social Services who are entitled to social security to obtain monthly social assistance, and also allows them to obtain benefits and discounts provided by joint stock companies and can be used by the families of its beneficiaries or their representatives, especially that the card holders may be elderly, bedridden, children, disabled people, and other categories who are exposed to social circumstances.

Under the agreement, the department will display the logo of the shareholder on the website of the Department of Social Services with the discount rate and send SMS messages to beneficiaries to announce the new entities. The name of the entity shall be mentioned in the department's periodical. He also announced the name of the entity and the discount rate on the social networking sites of the department.