As part of the UAE's humanitarian initiatives

«The Gallant Knight 2» undertakes the treatment of 300 emergency cases of those affected by the earthquake in Syria

  • Humanitarian, medical and therapeutic assistance has benefited about 1100,<> Syrian families. From the source


The total number of beneficiaries of humanitarian, medical and therapeutic assistance reached about 1100,6000 Syrian families, with a total of 300,2 people, including 6 Syrian beneficiaries of emergency medical cases, according to the delegation of the Emirates Red Crescent in Syria, working within the "Operation Gallant Knight <>", launched by the Joint Operations Command at the Ministry of Defense. This humanitarian initiative, led by the Emirates Red Crescent, in cooperation with the Latakia Health Directorate, came within the framework of the UAE's continuous humanitarian and relief efforts to alleviate the suffering of families affected after the February <> earthquake, and to stand by the Syrian brothers in their current circumstances, especially with the displacement of many of them to the countryside of Latakia and the surrounding areas.

The medical specialties supervised by the delegation of the Emirates Red Crescent, in cooperation with the Syrian Arab Red Crescent, included those suffering from cancer, providing chemotherapy to patients, in addition to emergency and critical specialties such as fractures, heart, eye and hearing operations, and complete joint replacements, in addition to distributing a number of wheelchairs.

The Emirates Red Crescent delegation explained that a complete medical file has been prepared for patients who are unable and affected by the February 6 earthquake, and procedures for receiving treatment have begun, and immediate surgeries have been performed, and 10 urgent cases have been sent to the UAE for treatment.

Operation Gallant Knight 2 was one of the most important forms of support for the UAE, under the directives of the wise leadership of the Syrian people, during which 181 aircraft and 3 ships loaded with basic foodstuffs, medicines and medical supplies were flown, as part of its efforts to enhance the recovery phase for the benefit of the brotherly Syrian people.


A plane and three aid ships sent by the UAE to the Syrian people since the earthquake.