The Office of the President released today (24th) photos of gifts received from the United States by President Yoon Seok-yeol and his wife during their state visit to the United States from 29 to 6 March.

The Office of the President first unveiled gifts from Vice President Kamala Harris and Secretary of State Tony Blinken during a state luncheon in a press release earlier in the day.

Mr. and Mrs. Harris presented a booklet with Korean recipes that blend with American culture, as well as kitchen utensils such as aprons, trays, and glasses.

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▲ Kitchen utensils set gifted by former Vice President Kamala Harris and his wife at the state dinner

Secretary Blinken presented President and Mrs. Yun with a walking rope with the English names of their dogs, Sunny, Saerom, Tori, Narae and Marie.

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▲ Dog leash gifted by US Secretary of State Blinken

LPs by legendary rock groups Queen and Don Maclean were also presented with framed images of views of Washington, D.C. and Seoul.

President Joe Biden presented baseball-loving President Yoon with a baseball depicting National Park, home of the Washington Nationals of Major League Baseball, and a glass box containing a gold leather baseball bearing the seal of the President of the United States.

They even gave away a vintage baseball collectible consisting of bats, globes and baseballs in large framed frames studded with the Philadelphia Phillies logo.

President and Mrs. Biden chose a small table and vase as their "state gifts."

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▲ Vase and paper flowers received from President and Sister Biden during the fellowship schedule

The president's office explained, "The small table partially recycles wood used in the White House, allowing for a long-lasting White House visit."

The vase features the chrysanthemums of the two countries, Mugunghwa and Rose, made of handcrafted paper flowers, which he said symbolizes the eternal friendship between the United States and South Korea.

Mrs. Kim was presented with a blue sapphire necklace created by Korean-American jeweler Jenny Kwon.

The Blue Sapphire is the national monument of the United States and the birthstone of Mrs. Kim's birthday in September, the president's office said.

President Biden also presented a guitar with an autographed copy of Don McLean, who sang Yoon's favorite song, "American Pie," and a photo album of footage of his March 9 trip to Washington, D.C.

The Office of the President stated, "This gift is much more diverse and special than the ornaments or souvenirs that our leaders received on the occasion of their past visits to the United States," adding, "In particular, the attention to detail of the United States, which takes into account the hobbies and tastes of President and Sister Yun, stood out."

(Photo = Courtesy of the President's Office, Yonhap News)