North Korea continues to denounce the ROK-US leaders' "Washington Declaration," which calls for strengthening extended deterrence against North Korea.

The Korean Central News Agency today (5th) reported the fifth installment of a series titled "Puppet Weightlifters' Begging Campaign That Caused Escalating Criticism, Ridicule, and Serious Concern."

For five consecutive days since January 5, it has published the same headline, citing foreign and South Korean media and denouncing the Washington Declaration.

In today's article, the news agency quoted Chinese media as saying, "The United States intends to form a 'triple southern angle' with Japan and South Korea," and asserted that "if a new Cold War structure is formed and maintained in Northeast Asia, there will be a risk of confrontation in the future."

He also suggested that the more the United States and South Korea strengthen their extended deterrence, the greater North Korea will engage in provocations.

In this regard, the news agency provoked, "If US nuclear weapons move in and out of South Korea, will the North be stunned and retreat, or will it develop more powerful nuclear and missile weapons?" and predicted that the United States will continue to develop weapons if it increases the deployment of strategic assets.

He also asked, "If we want North Korea not to use nuclear weapons and missiles, we should end the war and conclude a peace treaty, or does it make sense to increase joint exercises between the United States and South Korea?"

While condemning the defensive ROK-US joint exercises, it is interpreted as an attempt to demand that the United States recognize North Korea's nuclear weapons and system.

The news agency also reported that agricultural workers held a meeting on Jan. 1 to denounce the U.S.-South Korea.

At the gathering, speakers argued that "the more hostile the United States and the puppet defeat continue their hostile maneuvers against our republic, the more excited they are about the heat of nuclear war, the more tragic consequences will be that precipitate their eventual destruction."

North Korea is concentrating on strengthening solidarity by holding a "scarecrow burning ceremony" aimed at ROK-US leaders at a rally of young students on 3 March, inspiring hostility toward the Washington Declaration and the ROK-US among its citizens.