A high school in the United States is attracting attention for a "falling party" for students who fail the college entrance examination.

Recently, CBS, The New York Times, and others reported on the annual "Rejection Party" at the Downtown Magnet High School in Los Angeles, USA.

The "Nakbang Party" is a place to disclose the fact of university failure and encourage each other not to be frustrated by the failure of the entrance exam.

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Students read the rejection letter in front of their friends, then throw it in a shredder or tear it up, and then shake off their frustration by eating cake or ice cream.

They also put up a "wall of falls" at the school, put up rejection notices, and comfort their friends by leaving notes such as "You're too smart to fall - from New York Boulevard" and "You're too scared to go to a prestigious university."

Not only that, but each year, we also gave away prizes to the student who received the most rejection letters.

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Admissions counselor Linda McGee, who has hosted the "Fall Party" for 10 years, explained the purpose of the event: "It's a time to understand that rejection is a part of life, and that people who go to college don't always have the upper hand."

He added, "Students need to learn that they will survive if they fail college, and that there is a rainbow on the other side of acceptance."

One student, who received rejection notices from five colleges in total, told the New York Times, "It was a thankful time to realize that I still have a lot of options."

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