Regarding his summit meeting with US President Joe Biden today (2nd), President Yoon Seok-yeol said, "The results and achievements of this summit are just the beginning, and the scope will continue to expand, and the opportunities for the people of both countries will be greater."

President Yun made the remarks this morning while sharing the results of his state visit to the United States on 24-30 March through remarks to all members of the State Council presided over at the Yongsan Presidential Office.

President Yun first said, "In 1950, young people in the United States sacrificed their lives to save the Republic of Korea to protect the freedom of an unknown country, a country they had never been to or met, and the United States helped us a lot until the Republic of Korea overcame the terrible scars and devastation of war, built the prosperity it is today, and stood tall as the center of the world."

"The 70-year alliance with the world's most powerful country has a special meaning," he said, adding, "The 70-year history of the ROK-U.S. alliance is not just a given. When it comes to national relations, if you have something to thank you, you have to know how to say thank you."

Regarding the ROK-U.S. summit at the White House on 26 March, President Yun said, "The ROK-U.S. Alliance has built on the cornerstone of the 'Value Alliance' with five pillars: the Security Alliance, the Industrial Alliance, the Science and Technology Alliance, the Cultural Alliance, and the Information Alliance."

Regarding the Washington Declaration, which is considered one of the greatest achievements, he said, "The ROK-U.S. Security Alliance has been upgraded to a new paradigm based on nuclear weapons," and that "it is important to fill in the contents of the Washington Declaration well in the process of information sharing, joint planning, and joint implementation on the operation of US nuclear assets."

He added, "We will build a strong security that future generations can rest assured and nurture their dreams with peace based on overwhelming force, not a fake peace that relies on the good intentions of the other side."

(Photo = Yonhap News)