A train derailed near Ukraine on the Russian border. The tracks exploded, igniting the locomotive, leading some to speculate that Ukraine was preparing for a spring counterattack.

Paris Kwaksang is a correspondent.

In the Bryansk region of western Russia, bordering
Ukraine, a freight train derailed due to a track explosion yesterday (1st) local time.

The locomotive and seven freight cars derailed and the locomotive caught fire.

The governor of Bryansk explained that "an unidentified explosive device exploded."

In St. Petersburg, Russia's second largest city, a power transmission tower was blown up.

Russian authorities have not yet named anyone behind the incidents, saying they are investigating the scene.

But there is also speculation that it could be an attack by Ukrainian forces, which have publicly stated that a spring counteroffensive is imminent.

[Zelensky/Ukrainian President: It's true that Western fighters are a big help, but we will launch a counterattack even before we get F-7s or other fighter support]

Although Ukraine is professing a counterattack, there is also an analysis that it will struggle with weapons shortages, so the voices calling for arms support from South Korea may become louder.

In the midst of this, Pope Francis says he is carrying out a "secret mission" to end the war in Ukraine.

Pope Francis declined to comment on the specifics of the secret mission, but said he would play a variety of roles, including helping Ukrainian children brought to Russia during the war to return.

(Video Interview: Si Si Kim, Video Editing: Park Ji-in)