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North Korea today (30 March) condemned the ROK-US "Washington Declaration" and pledged to strengthen its "military deterrence."

In a commentary, North Korea's Korean Central News Agency asserted, "At a time when (the ROK-US) continue to relentlessly cling to anti-republic nuclear war maneuvers under the guise of 'providing extended deterrence' and 'strengthening alliances,' it is only natural that our country should develop a military deterrent commensurate with the worrisome security environment now and in the future."

The news agency referred to several of the contents of the Washington Declaration, claiming that the United States and South Korea were making "nuclear war" a fait accompli while making clear their "invasion attempts" against North Korea.

He emphasized, "Yoon Seok-yeol's actions in the United States, which reaffirmed the hostile spirit of the United States and its puppets, show that we must not hesitate or stop for a moment, even a moment, in order to become stronger and more thoroughly prepared."

This can be interpreted as suggesting that North Korea will continue to strengthen its nuclear forces, even though the cause of the political tension lies in North Korea's nuclear and missile advancement, and that the ROK and the United States have shifted responsibility for discussions on extended deterrence in response.

The commentary also characterized President Yoon Seok-yeol's visit to the United States as "the most hostile and invasive provocation and the dangerous act of nuclear war."

He went on to denounce President Yun for "his anti-national and subservient behavior toward the United States, turning South Korea into a powder dump and outpost of nuclear war for the United States, and undermining the security and interests of the region as well as the Korean peninsula."

The commentary threatened that "the dangerous nuclear war maneuvers of the United States and its puppet parties, which deny the very existence of our state and are frantic about the crushing of the anti-Republic, are absolutely unforgivable and will surely pay a high price."

Yesterday, Kim Yo Jong, the deputy chairman of the Workers' Party of Korea, the younger sister of Kim Jong Un, also issued a statement condemning the Washington Declaration.