A centuries-old statue in a museum in England was covered in children's graffiti.

According to local media including the BBC on the 23rd local time, a 230-year-old sculpture was found defaced by graffiti on the 8th at the Chrome Court Museum in Worcestershire, England.

The defaced statue is of the water nymph 'Sabrina' by British sculptor John Bacon, believed to have been made in approximately 1802.

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The statue's face, arms and torso were reportedly filled with blue crayon graffiti.

The National Trust, the British heritage conservation group that runs the museum, said it was troubling to hand out blue crayons to families with children for Easter.

At the time, the event reportedly drew hundreds of family visitors.

Most of the graffiti on the statue has been removed, but the damaged Monument to landscape architect Kapability Brown will continue to be cleaned.

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A National Trust spokesperson said: "While disappointing, incidents like this are highly unusual considering the millions of visitors who enjoy and respect the places we manage."

(Photo= BBC Capture)