The British curriculum is issued in 10 "distinguished" schools

17 indicators to measure the performance of private schools in Abu Dhabi

The Department aims to measure the quality of school performance. Emirates Today

The Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge (ADEK) revealed that the latest edition of the Irtiqaa Private Schools Inspection Program 2022 relied on six basic inspection criteria, including 17 indicators to measure school performance and educational outcomes, as the results showed that 10 schools applying the British curriculum received a distinguished rating out of 11 schools that were classified as distinguished in the emirate.

According to the latest update of the reports of the Irtiqa program on the official website of the department, the results of the inspection of 48 schools applying the British curriculum showed that 10 schools received an outstanding rating, 11 schools very good, 14 schools rated good, and 13 schools rated accepted.

The updates also showed the evaluation of 57 schools applying the American curriculum, none of which received a distinct rating, while 16 schools received a very good rating, 30 schools received a good rating, and 11 schools were satisfactory, and the inspection of 46 schools applying the ministerial curriculum showed that three schools received a very good rating, 17 schools a good rating, and 26 schools an acceptable rating.

The results of the inspection of 27 schools applying the Indian curriculum showed that three schools were rated very good, 15 schools were good and nine schools were accepted.

In the Canadian curriculum, one school received a very good rating, and two schools a good rating.

One IB curriculum school received an outstanding rating, and another school received an acceptable rating.

The Department pointed out that the inspection of schools was based on six basic performance criteria, including: student achievement, students' personal and social development and innovation skills, teaching and testing, curriculum, protection, care, guidance and support of students, and leadership and management, in order to ensure that the quality of school performance is measured, provide the necessary support to develop their performance, and enable their students to achieve high-quality educational outcomes to achieve the desired outcomes in providing high-quality education for all students.

The six criteria include 17 performance indicators to evaluate

The academic attributes of each school are: academic achievement, academic progress, learning skills, personal development, students' understanding of the values of Islam and the culture of the UAE and the world, social responsibility and innovation skills, and teaching for learning

Evaluation, curriculum design and implementation, curriculum alignment, student health and safety, including child protection measures, student care and support, as well as

School leadership, self-evaluation and development planning, partnerships with parents and the community, boards of trustees, and school management, including staff, resources and facilities.